OIA Data Request Process

  • The UNM Office of Institutional Analytics (OIA) collects, analyzes and publishes aggregated data on students, staff, and finance. Prior to initiating a data request, please consult the following resources: 

    • Fact Book: Contains information on student enrollment, graduation, faculty, staff, and financial aid (produced annually)
    • Official Enrollment Reports: Contains information on enrollments and student credit hours (SCH) by level, college, demographic group, and time status (produced each semester)
    • Common Data Set: Used to populate many of our national surveys such as U.S. News & World Report and Princeton Review; Contains information on enrollment, incoming freshman demographics, faculty, course section sizes, and more (produced annually) 
    • IPEDS Finance, HR, and Student Data: These data are reported to the Federal Government every year and are a rich source of data on finance, degrees, enrollments, and employees. 
    • OIA Data Dictionary: A compendium of terms used in reporting and analytics that can help you to clarify what you will need to answer your questions or fulfill a reporting requirement.



If you have thoroughly explored these resources and need information not available through one of the above resources, please initiate an OIA Data Request ticket here


  • Submission of a request does not guarantee data access. Data dissemination is at the discretion of the data stewards and guided by state and federal regulations and UNM's Data Governance Policy. See the UNM Data Governance website for detailed information.
  • Data requests take various amounts of time to process depending upon the complexity, sensitivity, and date submitted. During peak federal and state mandated reporting cycles (September-April), we are unable to guarantee delivery sooner than 5 weeks from the date of the request. During less intensive periods, we can typically return data within 2 weeks, subject to other priorities and the extent of your request.
  • Requests for student-level data or any data with personally identifiable information (PII) should be referred to the UNM Division of Enrollment Mangement. If you are seeking live, unofficial, and/or student-level data, please initiate a data request with Enrollment Management here