Calendar of Critical Reporting


  • NMHED Fall End of Semester Files
  • College Board Annual Survey of Colleges
  • AAUP Faculty Compensation Survey
  • OSU Faculty Salary Survey
  • Title III/V Waiver Application
  • Second Quarter New Mexico DFA Quarterly Reports (January 31)


  • IPEDS Student Financial Aid Survey
  • IPEDS GRS/GRS200 Surveys
  • IPEDS Admissions Survey
  • IPEDS Outcome Measures Survey
  • Spring Official Enrollment Report
  • Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) Survey
  • Survey of Graduate Students and Post-doctorates in Science and Engineering (GSS) for the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

March - April


June – July - August

  • NMHED Spring End of Semester Enrollment File
  • Fiske Guide to Colleges
  • Summer Official Enrollment Report
  • NMHED Degree File Submission- Fall and Spring Degrees
  • NM DFA PB-1 and PB-2 Form Submissions
  • Fourth Quarter New Mexico DFA Quarterly Reports (July 31)




  • HED Degree File submission-Summer degrees
  • Employee Count File
  • Moody’s Public University Supplemental Worksheet
  • Legislative Brochure