About Us

 We are a diverse, multidisciplinary team with one important thing in common: We believe in the power of data to answer important questions and to help people solve problems. Our mission is to empower the UNM community with access to good, clear data. We want to work together with you to turn data into information so that you can make data-informed decisions that will benefit your faculty, staff, and students.


Heather Mechler, Ph.D.Director, Institutional Analyticshsmechler@unm.edu
Jing Feng, Ph.D.Sr Institutional Researcherjingfeng@unm.edu
Monte-Angel RichardsonInstitutional Researchermonteangel@unm.edu
Zacharia KibutaInstitutional Researchermagu2021@unm.edu
Charla OrozcoInstitutional Researchercehenley@unm.edu
Yury Bosin, Ph.D.Institutional Researcher


Kevin MulcaireInstitutional Researcher